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Head here for all questions regarding your Athletic Club subscription.


Account Activation/Log In Issues

Having trouble logging in to manage your Athletic Club subscription? Receiving an error message saying an account with your email does not exist or your account has been suspended?. Please search your email for the subject line "Welcome to the Athlet

Managing Your Athletic Club Subscription

Never forget to re-order your supply of Athletic beer with our subscription plans. You’ll receive a custom package of fresh beer every month. Your plan can be modified or canceled anytime by logging into your account. (If you're not able to log into

Limited Beers & Subscriptions

As of now we're unable to swap any of our limited releases to the recurring subscription orders due to the very small amount of quantity available. The beers available on the membership swap are those that we have online all year: Run Wild, Upside Da

What is the Athletic Club?

Athletic Club is a monthly subscription that allows you to get your favorite brews on repeat. You can cancel or skip whenever you want, plus you get bonus perks and discounts. YOUR TIME & YOUR TERMS -You can set your own schedule and skip or cancel a

How will I receive my exclusive my exclusive member perks?

Your perks are automatically applied to all your purchases. Just make sure you are logged in with your subscription account and you are all set to reap those sweet rewards.

Do I get free shipping on all orders?

Free shipping applies to all recurring subscription orders. You can add any available limited brews throughout the month as one-time add-ons to ship for free with your order. Any additional orders outside of your subscription are free shipping with a

Where do you ship?

We currently ship to all states within the United States, except for Michigan, South Carolina, Nebraska, Kansas, Idaho, Mississippi & Georgia due to state regulations.

Can I really cancel, change, or skip whenever I want?

Yes, you can skip as many months as you like, change your delivery frequency, the number of brews you get each month and even cancel your subscription whenever you’d like. You are in complete control, we just want you to love your brews.

When should I expect to receive my order?

You're in control of your delivery schedule and frequency. We’ll ship your brews out within 48 hours after your monthly renewal date and send you tracking information so you keep an eye out for your brews.

I live in Hawaii or Alaska. Do I get free shipping on my subscription?

Yes! All recurring subscription orders ship for FREE! Any additional one-time orders for Hawaii and Alaska will incur a $15 shipping charge. PRO TIP: Add any extra one-time brews to your subscription order to save on shipping!